Sunlight and shadows

Untitled - nr 1

This photo was taken in the Vigeland park, Oslo on the 7th of june, 2013.

It is one of my favourites due to the high contrast, the sun radiating in the trees and the long shadows in the foreground. The walking woman makes the image more interesting, and when I stood in the lane, I just had to wait until somebody would come walking into the lane for me to capture the moment. I actually had several different shots, but this was the best in my opinion.

That evening was a typical summer evening and the hard light of the sun creates really nice long shadows with a lot of contrast. I love taking images with the sun in it, but it is not so easy because the rest of the photo tends to be underexposed so you loose a lot of the details. Keeping the details requires a bit of playing with the settings of your camera, but it also requires you to frame the photo in such a way that you are able to capture the light correctly. My position under the trees helped a lot here.

But is this the best composition for this image.?

I thought that the square format would be really nice. So I send this image to the summer photo competition held by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. I was lucky enough that it got published in the newspaper during the summer of 2013. (Finding your own photo in a newspaper is a real ego booster) But…

The editors of the newspaper had changed the photo composition (see below). First I was a little disappointed, but that is gone. But now, looking at the composition published in Aftenposten and comparing it to mine, I can only say, that it became better. It became more dynamic overall. The trees on both sides in my composition makes the shot heavy.

So I learned something about my photo.

Untitled - nr 1b

About Thomas Haverkamp

A microbial ecologist, an amateur photographer and a proud father a wonderful girl.
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