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How many PCR cycles should I use to create an amplicon library?

One of my side projects deals with the gut microbiota of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua). In 2014 we published a pilot experiment on this where we sequenced the 16S rRNA to get a taxonomical overview of the microbial gut content … Continue reading

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Where to share data and code… a recent experience.

Today I am writing a rant here since I am quite fed up.

The reason for this post is the following: A paper on which I am a co-author was recently accepted for publication in the journal BMC bioinformatics, after being rejected in BMC genomics since our paper was not suitable for that journal. It’s a bioinformatics tools to analyze big blast files, so that is not bad at all. Such news is wonderful, and as a young scientist these are the moments you work for.

So what is making me fed up? Continue reading

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The microbial communities of inactive Oslofjord pockmark sediments – Part 2

My previous blog post I ended with the main activity of microbes in marine sediments: the breakdown of organic matter deposited from the water column. The sedimentation rate at which organic matter is deposited at the sea bed is dependent … Continue reading

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The microbial communities of inactive Oslofjord pockmark sediments – Part 1

Last Friday I added another article to my publication list. The publication was in the PLOS ONE journal and caries the title: Linking microbiology and Geology: inactive pockmarks affect sediment microbial communities structure. I am very happy with this publication, … Continue reading

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